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Spring is right around the corner!

Soon trees will be in bloom. Over the past few years the Ash tree population has been decimated by the Emerald Ash Borer—an invasive beetle that lays its eggs in the bark crevices on Ash trees. In southeastern Wisconsin, almost everywhere you look, you will notice dead or dying Ash trees. If you’re not sure you have this problem with your Ash trees, here are a few signs to look for: Minimum/no foliage Large white patches on the bark Bark peeling/falling off Severe die-back of the upper branches Once an Ash tree is infected, it will die in two to four [...]

Milwaukee Tree Removal

Milwaukee Tree Removal Milwaukee tree removal service providers, Darryl's Tree Service knows removing just about any tree without proper professional assistance can be quite the risk—far more than you might expect. Sure, you might save a few bucks, but when it comes to being responsible for potential damages to your own or even the property of others, why take the chance? Hidden roadblocks, a lack of effective equipment, even dangerous pipelines can get in the way of a successful removal. And obviously, the larger the tree, the more of a challenge it stands to present. Darryl's Tree Service is the tree removal [...]

Firewood Delivery Waukesha

Firewood Delivery Waukesha Residents Rely On For firewood delivery, Waukesha residents have trusted Darryl's Tree Service to keep them warm for over 25 years. Darryl's Tree Service has a policy of 100% delivery year-round. For Milwaukee and Waukesha firewood delivery, please call us at: 262-797-8430 Mixed Hardwood Split Dry Firewood Oak Firewood

Waukesha Tree Service

Professional Tree Services Darryl's Tree Service is a complete Waukesha tree service company since 1957. We specialize in all aspects of proper land and tree care utilizing the safest, most advanced and environmentally sound methods available in the industry. Our company prides itself on the fact that all of our estimators are certified arborists and have on staff tree trimmers that are certified tree workers. We encourage all of our staff to pursue continuing education in arboriculture, and provide them with training and educational sessions year-round to support them in this endeavor. No job is too large or small for our [...]

Don’t Get Stumped

Milwaukee Stump Removal Unless you’re in the market for natural seating, chances are you aren’t too fond of your tree stump. And we’ll just assume you aren’t having any picnics on it either. That’s okay. While we’re sure there are many makeshift options for your stump, perhaps we should just chat about removing it altogether. What’s that? You were thinking about dragging it out yourself? Oh no, believe me—we know how strong you are, but in all honesty, removing a stump can be one of the hardest landscaping procedures around. So before you attempt to prove your strength, just give us a [...]

Pruning Services Milwaukee

Milwaukee Pruning Sure, pruning Milwaukee trees and bushes is kind of like giving them a haircut. We need one every now and then, but what if your haircut could actually protect your property, the people within it—or even yourself? Okay, lame analogy, but it’s true. Pruning can not only improve the look of your landscape, but also protect your home from dangerously looming dead branches and even plant-related diseases. Pruning can: - Eliminate dead branches - Free up homes, parking areas, sidewalks—wherever a limb might pose a threat - Clear a path for dangerous electrical and utility wire Just give us a [...]

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