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FYI Concerning DIY Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services Milwaukee Hey, we get it. You're handy, you want to save money—but caution when it comes to removing trees in Milwaukee by yourself. Removing just about any tree without proper professional assistance can be quite the risk—far more than you might expect. Sure, you might save a few bucks, but when it comes to being responsible for potential damages to your own or even the property of others, why take the chance? Hidden roadblocks, a lack of effective equipment, even dangerous pipelines can get in the way of successful removal. And obviously, the larger the tree, the more of [...]

Alleviate Arborous Agony – Prune

Tree Pruning Milwaukee Everyone looks forward to summer. It’s a time to enjoy the weather, get out and get going. Well, ever considered how Milwaukee trees feel about summer vacation? (Probably don’t answer that) To put it quite simply: they’re not into it. Intense heat, especially that which comes in July and August, can stress your tree out—especially if it’s located near a hard, heat-reflecting surface (like a driveway). So what can be done to alleviate arborous agony? I think you already know—Darryl’s pruning, of course. Actually, depending on the tree, pruning can be appropriate in any season, but it’s best for [...]

Darryl’s Tree Service – Tree Facts

Did you know that no tree dies of old age? Nope—they’re murdered. If it weren’t for insects, disease or people, trees would live on. In fact, some trees, like California Bristlecone Pines and Giant Sequoias, have been known to last 4000 to 5000 years. Holy Hickory. Speaking of Giant Sequoias, they are documented that the most massive living things on earth, towering nearly 30 stories into the sky and wrapping 82.3 feet around the trunk. Think we’ve been getting a lot of rain lately? Well, you might be able to blame it on trees, as studies show that trees can actually induce [...]

Milwaukee Tree Inspections

Safe From The Storms It’s been a pretty wild year for severe weather across the nation—and Wisconsin is no exception. Protect your home with Darryl’s FREE tree inspections and consultations. Our thorough Milwaukee tree inspections give us valuable information about the overall health and structural integrity of your trees, including strength and weaknesses, presence of decay, soil quality and more. And once your report is properly analyzed, we recommend a variety of professional solutions that not only keep you safe, but also enhance the beauty and longevity of your trees. Give us a call today! Milwaukee County: (414) 771-1447 Outside Milwaukee County: [...]

Time to plant your trees!

Milwaukee Tree Planting Spring is the perfect time to plan your yard; trees are a big part of it! If you haven’t started thinking about what sort of trees you’d like in your yard, you’ll need to consider many aspects and characteristics when making your final choices. What may look good in a movie or in your neighbor’s yard won’t necessarily work for you! The foremost thought on your mind might be the tree’s overall look. Obviously, you want a tree that’s both beautiful and an attractive addition to your yard. Look at branch structure, leaf shape and color, whether it [...]

Spring is coming—Time to prep your yard!

Spring is the perfect time to prep your yard for the coming months. For starters, your trees will require trimming, especially specific species, like crabapple and American elm. Cut out old, low-hanging branches and thin out overgrown trees and shrubs. As you’re touring your yard to determine your landscaping needs, look hard at your trees to see how they faired during the winter. As Wisconsin winters are tough, and our weather can range from freezing rain to snow to sudden, sporadic thaws, the constant hot-cold can be devastating on trees, causing them to break when you least suspect them. Catch those errant [...]

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