For professional tree inventories, choose Darryl’s Tree Service. A tree inventory is a cataloging of the various trees found in any given area or on a property. Generally, such an inventory lists the number of trees, their species, their ages and their conditions in terms of size, potential for hazard and any disease or insect infestations.

Why Do Property Owners Need Tree Inventories?
A tree inventory is an important record to keep, especially if a property owner is concerned with the long-term maintenance and care of the trees on their property. A tree inventory can:

  • Provide a comprehensive list of all the trees on a property
  • Identify the trees that require maintenance like pruning and removal
  • Help property owners and professionals formulate a land management plan
  • Assist with choosing future trees and landscaping additions
  • Identify hazardous trees or trees that could pose a threat in the future
  • Help professionals discover and manage any issues with disease or insect damage

Milwaukee tree inventories allow property owners to consider the long-term needs of the various trees on their properties, which allows them to plan for the future. Rather than react during a tree emergency — such as when a tree falls onto a building or a vehicle — property owners can have maintenance performed in a timely manner so that urgent situations like that don’t happen. In the long run, annual tree maintenance is more economical than emergency tree removal because there is no disruption of power or utilities, and there’s no property damage.

The first step to taking proactive care of your property is to schedule a tree inventory as part of a regular maintenance schedule. For fast and affordable tree inventories, call Darryl’s Tree Service Milwaukee today.