Spring is the perfect time to prep your yard for the coming months. For starters, your trees will require trimming, especially specific species, like crabapple and American elm. Cut out old, low-hanging branches and thin out overgrown trees and shrubs.

As you’re touring your yard to determine your landscaping needs, look hard at your trees to see how they faired during the winter. As Wisconsin winters are tough, and our weather can range from freezing rain to snow to sudden, sporadic thaws, the constant hot-cold can be devastating on trees, causing them to break when you least suspect them. Catch those errant branches early on!

Clear out old leaves and rake out areas that never got cleaned out before winter started. You want to start planning and prepping the soil without the clutter of decomposing flora.

Spring is also a good time to plant new trees! Also, if the soil is not frozen, start deep root watering and plan for plug aeration and the first turf fertilization.

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