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Mulching is a great way to save time and money on good-looking landscaping.

Mulch may be a silly word, but it’s serious business caring for plantings in gardens, parks, playgrounds, and backyards. One could spend hours loading and unloading bags of mulch purchased from a home center or one could instead schedule convenient on-site mulch delivery to anywhere in the Milwaukee area by Darryl’s Tree Service. How much does mulch love the garden? Here are just a few ways:

Weed Reduction: Using mulch can significantly inhibit the growth of weeds that can choke the life out of garden plants.

Recreates Nature: When a tree grows in the forest, roots are covered with a natural blanket of leaves and other organic materials that are filled with nutrients. Plants in an urban environment live in harsher conditions, therefore, adding mulch around plant beds can help protect and nourish roots.

Keeps Moisture in Soil: Covering the ground with mulch helps to keep the moisture trapped beneath it. This prevents plants from drying out and, as a result, means they need less watering. Mulch also helps moderate changes in temperature and protects roots from freezing in the colder months.

Looks Good: Besides the many organic benefits of mulch, there is the added bonus of having a well-groomed, beautiful-looking landscape. A properly mulched garden is pretty and smart. What a great combination!

What Types of Mulch Can Be Delivered?

There are two primary types of mulch available commercially: inorganic and organic. Both types have their pros and cons, so here is what experts say about these two categories of mulch:

Inorganic mulches are made from such materials as stone, lava, rubber, textile fabrics, etc. They don’t break down as quickly as the organic variety, so they don’t need to be replenished as often. This makes a garden easier to maintain, however, inorganic mulch does nothing to improve the soil’s structure or add organic nutrients to the plantings.

Organic mulch is made from an array of natural materials such as wood chips, pine needles, bark, leaves and compost. Because organic mulch can decompose rapidly, it may need to be replenished more often than the inorganic type. The upside is that organic mulch can actually make soil more fertile and is the choice of many landscape professionals.

Whichever kind of mulch is selected, be sure to spread the love. Use mulch around trees, plant beds, paths and terraced slopes. And don’t forget your gardens — mulching is good for gardens! To learn more about when, where and how to arrange a mulch delivery, contact us at Darryl’s Tree Service Milwaukee. Mulch to it!

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