You can rely on the professional arborists at Darryl’s Tree Service for residential tree planting services in Milwaukee. We have extensive experience adding beautiful and highly beneficial trees to homes throughout the region. We can also help you choose the best trees for your environment and preferences. Additionally, we offer tree maintenance services to help keep your new trees healthy and lush.

Benefits Of Planting Trees On Your Property

Aside from their obvious visual appeal, there are many benefits to adding trees to your property. They’re also good for the environment. First, you will enjoy better air quality as a result of trees’ ability to both produce oxygen and absorb air pollutants. Similarly, trees also provide natural habitats for wildlife, such as birds and squirrels.

Additional trees can also offer financial benefits to you as a homeowner. They can reduce your energy costs by providing additional shade that can cool your home during hot summer months. Trees also tend to correlate to higher property values as they are universally appealing and help to reduce noise pollution around your home.

Finally, adding trees to your property can contribute to strengthening soil and improving water quality. Trees often reduce soil erosion, which is beneficial for your home and the surrounding environment. And many trees are able to absorb stormwater runoff, thereby reducing flooding.

Choosing The Right Trees For Your Yard

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right trees for your Milwaukee yard. The primary ones include size, shape, available space, climate and temperature norms, light requirements, and water and soil needs.

The size and shape of the tree species you choose should correspond with the available space you have in your landscaping. Be sure you choose trees that will not touch your house or be crowded against each other once full grown.

Similarly, you will want to choose trees that have climate and temperature requirements that match those in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, you will likely need to stay away from warm-weather trees, unless you plan to bring them inside in pots during the winter.

Trees, like all plants, have different sun, shade, water, and soil requirements. You will want to consider these factors when planning your yard space. For example, if you choose a tree that requires a lot of shade, you may have a larger, sun-loving tree planted nearby to provide that shade.

Finally, pay attention to what kinds of trees have already thrived or struggled on your property. If a particular tree species has previously not taken well to the environment, it may not be the best option. In such cases, consider our tree removal services to make way for a healthier alternative.

Consider Maintenance Requirements

Another thing to consider when making tree selections is maintenance requirements. Maintenance tends to include soil preparation, trimming, pruning, leaf raking, and sweeping other droppings. How much time do you want to spend on tree care?

Though it is preferable to choose trees you can reasonably manage, the support of professionals may sometimes be required. Darryl’s Tree Service offers tree maintenance options to help you stay on top of tree pruning and other landscaping chores. Additionally, we can assess tree health when you think there might be an issue.

Rely On Darryl’s Tree Service For Residential Tree Planting Services

Now is the time to take steps toward a more beautiful and sustainable yard. Adding one or more trees to your property can do wonders for your environmental impact along with improving your daily enjoyment of the space. Contact Darryl’s Tree Service today to request a free estimate and consultation on our tree planting services in Milwaukee!

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