Darryl’s tree service is a company that specializes in insect and disease diagnosis around Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Insects and diseases threaten tree health. It is therefore crucial that  people start immediate examinations once there is a slight change in the trees. Identifying specific symptoms allow for the problem diagnosis and right treatment selection.

Milwaukee insect and disease diagnosis shows that stress is a major cause of trees diseases. Plants require basic elements like water, light and balanced nutrients in order to remain strong and healthy. Any form of extremes of these basic needs whether in the higher or lower end may cause stress to trees. This weakens them as plants and as such increase susceptibility to insect and disease attack. Consequently, it is only natural that trees react to this environmental stress by shedding leaves and competing for water and nutrients. They adjust their growth patterns in accordance to the available resources.

Calling on the Darryl Company will enable an individual conduct a proper diagnosis of the problem. This is because the company has a team of experts whose specialty is tree care. These experts are in a position to:

Identify the specific affected plant or tree. This is because of the nature of insects and diseases to be plant specific and thus may not spread rapidly. Identifying the problem leads to immediate solving.

  1. Pinpoint abnormal growth patterns. This involves the comparisons made between similar plant species between the healthy and infected ones. Differences in color changes and other things will show the presence of a problem.non uniform damage indicates insects and disease infestation but uniform damage may indicate disorders because of other factors like weather.
  2. Landscape examination. This reveals previous problems that may be resulting to current problems. Adjacent lands may be harboring pathogens that spread out and as such cause harm to the trees.
  3. Roots should be examined for color changes, black and brown roots are a sign for trouble.
  4. Trunks and branches are also to be examined for pathogens and insects that may cause rotting.

Insects cause diseases to trees and shrubs in a number of ways. Some insects defoliate trees by sucking all their sap and thus translating to retarded tree growth. Others bore into tree trunks and interfere with the flow of sap, which in turn weakens the tree structure. Others just chew on the roots thus causing disease.