If you are a commercial property owner in Milwaukee, consider the many benefits of adding more trees to the landscape. After all, the addition of trees to commercial properties can do wonders to improve curb appeal. Not only can additional trees draw more customers and clients to your location but it can also improve your ecological footprint. Commercial tree planting promotes biodiversity and long term oxygen production. When planting trees on your commercial property, it is helpful to consider a few key things, including timing, tree types, and maintenance.

Spring Is the Best Time For Tree Planting

Spring is indeed the best time of year to plan and redesign a yard or commercial outdoor space. A big part of that planning should definitely include trees! Trees will provide beauty, interest, shade, and probably some birds to any outdoor space. They also help to draw the key upward, helping you emphasize business details, such as signage and storefront windows.

While some people argue that fall is just as good of a time to plant trees, there are the inherent risks of early frost. When this happens, young trees dry out before they are able to take root, the frozen ground preventing their access to vital water. Planting trees in the spring instead mitigates much of that risk.

Choosing The Best Tree Species

There are of course many varieties and species of trees to choose from. To make the best choice for your commercial property, primarily consider the trees’ overall appearance and your temperature zone.

When it comes to appearance, you may know what kind of trees you like and/or which types you think will look best at your business. Be sure to consider things like branch structure, leaf shape and color, and what the tree produces, such as fruit or nuts. You will want to research how big different trees will get so you will have an idea of the shade they will provide in the summer.

Suitable temperatures for a given tree varietal is a big consideration. While you may like the look of palm trees, they are generally not suitable for outdoors in Milwaukee winters. You want to choose tree species that will thrive in our climate throughout the seasons.

Consider Maintenance

An additional consideration when choosing types of trees should be the required yearly and seasonal maintenance. Maintenance might include trimming, soil conditioning, leaf raking, and more. If you will not be on the property and trimming the trees yourself, you will likely want to arrange for tree maintenance services. At Darryl’s Tree Service, we offer this maintenance as part of our landscape management plans for commercial spaces.

When it comes to tree care, also be sure to consider droppings, such as berries or nuts. In a commercial area, you may very well want to avoid such droppings as they can mush into shoes and track into your business. However, something like a Conifer tree may be a good option as its dropping consist of larger cones, which are much easier to pick up and avoid tracking.

Contact Darryl’s Tree Service For Commercial Tree Planting

If you are ready to add a tree or three to your Milwaukee-area business, the professional arborists at Darryl’s Tree Service are here to help! We can start with a free estimate and consultation to discuss what kinds of trees you’re interested in as well as landscaping options for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial tree planting services.

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